Dallas Learning Solutions

Dallas Learning Solutions creates and delivers online e-Learning material for colleges and universities across the country. Their previous site had been band-aided together over a number of years and was difficult to maintain because of the volume and complexity of the content.


DLS engaged Creative Cat Media as the team to re-organize the content and site structure, and to build and maintain their new Joomla! site. We worked closely with a separate agency that provided the visual design and branding.

Joomla! Development

Working with the design firm, we selected a theme that would best accommodate the look and feel, and allow for a rich set of functionality. We also made significant modifications with CSS to several plugins that allow us to create custom forms and accordion-style drop-downs. Most forms are specific to each page, and send data directly to DLS’ SalesForce account to track specific campaigns.


Site features include:

  • Interactive animated home page slider
  • Custom forms
  • Custom accordion-style drop-downs
  • Integration of videos and interactive activities
  • Responsive layouts

Responsive Development

Given the nature of DLS’ target audience, it was a must for the site to be viewable on multiple devices. We selected a Joomla! theme that had many built-in responsive features, but we had to make significant CSS changes to the theme in order to implement the design firm’s look and feel. The end result is a site that fluidly transforms from small smartphones, to tablets, to laptops, to desktops. On phones and tablets, changing from horizontal to vertical orientation also provides a smooth user experience, utilizing all available screen space in the best way possible.

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