Book Publishing Support

We offer Self Publishing Assistance and Services to Indie Writers and Illustrators.

Our goal is to help indie writers and illustrators become their own publishing house and to help them learn how to self-publish their creative works and books. We offer Publishing Assistance and Support to writers and illustrators in the areas of:

  • Technical Guidance for Ingram Spark and Amazon
  • Illustration
  • InDesign Layout and Design
  • Cover Design
  • Files Prepared to Upload for Publication
  • Production of Support Materials including book marks and banners

Creative Cat Media offers services at an hourly rate, and we estimate upfront costs after your scope of work is defined.

Books We Have Helped Create

Rescuing JFK

One of the things I love to do is produce books. One project I worked on was with a talented group, including writer Alan C. Elliott, Anna A. Kwai, and illustrator Evelyn Morgan. I was brought on the project to design and layout the book. Rescuing JFK: How Solomon Islanders Rescued John F Kennedy and the Crew of PT-109

Available Today!

Creative Cat Media’s Cindy Rodella-Purdy was indispensable in getting our project finished on time and of the highest quality. We were impressed by the creative ideas Cindy brought to the project and her expertise in not only designing our book but providing valuable information about how to make it the best-looking book possible. Many kudos to Cindy for her patience, expertise, and creativity.

Alan C. Elliott

Katy’s Trail

When separated from her owner during a move to a new city, Katy the bike is faced with life-changing events that put her in a rack of forgotten bikes. Will Katy join her sad group of new friends in their belief that she too has been forgotten? Or will Katy find a new path that leads to happiness and joy? Join Katy on her quest to find happiness on the trail of life, where there are many hills to climb.

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The Adventures of Leonardo the Drone – Book 1: Photos from the Sky

Leah loves to take pictures. Every month, she submits her photos to the library’s photo contest. So far she hasn’t won. The limited subjects and ground-based view of her neighborhood are frustrating. Until… Leonardo the Drone comes into her life! Leah practices flying Leonardo, and by way of several anxious moments, learns how to be a good drone pilot. Together Leonardo and Leah take amazing photos and videos that view the world from a whole new angle. She gets excited again about her pictures and knows her next photo contest entry will be quite unique!

Kirkus Review

An engaging, well-illustrated invitation to look at the world from a different—and higher—angle. Read More

The Bed Ate My Sock!

“The Bed Ate My Sock!” exclaims Johnny to his mother. Mom doesn’t have time for games and wants Johnny to go and get his sock. He tries to tell her that he did all that he could do to find it. Johnny called in doctors, detectives, firefighters, a dragon, pirates, a construction crew, superheroes, cowboys, and astronauts to join the quest. Can Johnny convince his mom that he did all he could do and that the bed did indeed eat his sock? Or did something else get it?

The Little Gray Squirrel

The Little Gray Squirrel causes quite a problem for Grandpa and Grandma when they find him in their house during the night. He runs around their bedroom and over and under many things. They are not able to catch him. He escapes under the door. He runs upstairs and into another bedroom. Grandpa follows and is finally able to capture him. Grandpa is exhausted once he puts the little squirrel outside.

There’s A Bug In My Rug

UGH! There’s a bug in my rug! Where did this crazy bug come from? And how did it get here? This first book in Ten Story Books’ “Color-Me-A-Story” series brings you an ALL-IN-ONE coloring and picture book for young children. The engaging story keeps children entertained while helping them build early phonics skills by incorporating words that share the same spelling pattern. Inside are thirty-two beautifully illustrated pages full of fun and frolic. The book includes an easy-to-read font for early readers, and “BUILD-A-BUG,” a drawing activity after the story! Have your kids pick up their favorite crayons, colored pencils, and markers, and unleash their creativity!

Never Tickle a Gorilla

by Herb Spanier and Illustrated by me is now available for purchase at the Dallas Zoo, in addition to:

Dog. Cat. Chicken.

A light-hearted tale of love for children of all ages. Dog. Cat. Chicken. is a children’s eBook that includes 20 pages of an interactive story, with playful sounds and fun animations, and a multi-level matching game. Written, illustrated and developed by Cindy and her husband John Purdy of Creative Cat Media, Inc.

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