Today’s users expect highly engaging web sites and learning experiences. One of the keys to engagement is interactivity. We integrate content, design, and interactivity so that users get the most out of your online experience.

Online Training and Interactive Tools

Sometimes what you need is more than a website with multiple pages. You may need, in effect, a highly interactive program that acts like an application, but is still available on the web. This could be a web-based tool to allow your users to configure or select your products. Or a training module or user manual. Or an interactive story. Or a timeline of your organization that users can play with. As you can see, there are many possibilities. We see those possibilities, too, and can design and develop web-based applications and interactive media for delivery on computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Smart Decisions Interactive Course

This financial literacy course for college students features a custom interface, over 1000 animated illustrations, multiple-choice assessment questions, and learning activities – all designed, animated, and programmed using HTML5 and JavaScript. Both English and Spanish versions include audio narration and text transcription for accessibility. Funded by CitiBank’s CitiFoundation, the project was sponsored by Dallas County Community College District’s (DCCCD) central office.

Explainer Animation

Saphirion AG, located in Switzerland, has potential clients all across Europe. They wanted an animated piece that explained with simple visuals what their software does and how it helps businesses. The initial version will be created in English with a second version created in German.

Illustrations to Educate

Illustrations in videos are powerful and unique. We have developed both still images and full sequences of illustrations that have been used in videos. The process involves working closely with both the client and the video production companies like David Seay Productions to bring the messages to life.

People learn in different ways but they all learn best when they are highly engaged. Online e-Learning and training gets students, employees, and clients deeply involved in your material and results in smarter and more loyal users. Get in touch with us to learn how to learn better! 

Dallas County Community College District Work

Since 2011, we’ve developed over 300 interactive e-Learning modules for the LeCroy Center at DCCCD’s Richland College. Initially these involved converting Flash-based software to HTML5-based lessons. We then began creating new modules using Hype and JavaScript. The lessons, which include Biology, English, Government, History, and Sociology, are built to be displayed in the college’s online course system as well as converted to iBooks for use on iPads. Example interactive activities are show below.

Alphabet Activity

This activity features a keyboard the user can click or touch to play a hangman-style scenario. Clues are provided for each term, and students must select the letters to form the term before proceeding to the next screen.

Matching, Using Visual Components

This activity features a selection of correct and incorrect components for a cell. Students must correctly identify which components are used first in animal cells, then in plant cells. Verification of their answers is given when they’re done making their selection.

Sliding Timeline with Dynamic Text & Images

This activity features an animated sliding timeline. As the buttons used to move the timeline forward or backward are selected, dates are dynamically populated and the diamonds and buttons are dynamically positioned based on their date. All dates, text, and graphics can be updated by non-programmers via text strings.

Drag and Drop

This activity has the student drag the image of each individual into the correct circle based upon the clues given that describe the group relationships. Once all are dropped, the “Check Answers” button gives feedback on right and wrong answers. The activity includes four different diagrams.

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