Greetings from the inaugural blog post of the newly redesigned Creative Cat Media!


Plans for our new site have been in the works for over half a year, but due to some exciting projects and opportunities, we’ve had to reprioritize until now. I’m reminded of the old adage that the shoemaker’s kids never have new shoes. But now we finally got some new kicks, and man, do they look and feel great!

New Packaging, Same Great Creative Cat Flavor

Besides our new refreshing and beachy colors – a nice little reminder of the things that are near and dear to our hearts – we’ve got a great new mobile-friendly layout that showcases our work. In particular, I’m excited about our Web Development portfolio, where you can sort our work projects by their various features. Our Illustration and Photography pages also link out to portfolios showing off some killer creative work by Cindy and John, respectively. And of course, our new blog! Ta da!


We plan to make this an active part of our website, publishing useful tips, tricks, suggestions, and other insightful articles around topics that can help out those seeking to manage their websites, social media accounts, creative design projects and more. From time to time we’ll also share some news and updates from the Creative Cat Team members. We constantly looking for interesting topics to cover, so if anyone has a question or suggestion, please comment, send us an email, or tweet us at @CreativeCatTeam.

New Online Marketing & Social Media Services

And last but definitely not least, I want to mention some new services that we’re offering: Online Marketing and Social Media planning and consulting. We know that it’s not always easy for a company to get noticed online. Just having a great website, and a great product or service, doesn’t necessarily drive traffic to your site.


Most businesses market themselves in a number of ways offline to maximize their exposure: traditional advertising avenues such as print, TV, or radio; cold-calling/emailing or other methods of direct sales outreach; in-person events such as lectures, workshops, or classes; sponsorships and philanthropic efforts; and of course the old stand-by, word-of-mouth. But few small- and medium-sized business (heck, even some large businesses!) have a solid online marketing plan.


But consider that 8095% of shoppers (that’s B2C and B2B respectively) conduct online research before making a purchase or engaging services. Or that 2/3 of adults are actively using social networks and for an average of almost 2 hours a day. That’s a lot of eyes a business can get in front of online.


That’s where we’d like to make an impact, and help other businesses get on a path to reaching more customers. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to do this, such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), paid search, social media, and blogging to name a few. We can help businesses get set up with the right tools and the right strategies to jumpstart their online marketing efforts. Check out our Marketing & Social page for more info.


In the mean time, please take a look around and let us know what you think of the new site!