How do you quickly explain what your product or service does, and how it benefits your customers? With an explainer animation!


Explainer animations, also known as explainer videos, are usually short sequences that quickly and simply show users what your product or service is, and how it benefits them. Lasting from about 4 to 7 minutes, explainer animations use text or audio narration to set up each scene. The scenes include animated graphics, diagrams, photos, or text that quickly convey the most important messages.


If you have a product, service, or process where customers sometimes don’t initially understand the benefits or how things work, an explainer animation is worth considering. They’re great for breaking down concepts and step-by-step processes into a short, easily understood clip.


Creative Cat Media recently completed an explainer animation for Saphirion AG, a Switzerland-based company. Saphirion has potential clients all across Europe for its NLPP software. NLPP is a tool that helps manufacturers with cost optimization and price estimating. They needed an animated piece that explained with simple visuals what their software does and how it helps businesses.


We developed the storyboards, created custom illustrations, and animated the 14 scenes using Tumult Hype. The final files were exported as HTML5, CSS and JavaScript files and can be played on modern browsers without the use of a plugin.


Additionally, the animation is multilingual – the NLPP site has versions in both English and German.


View the Saphirion explainer animation here.