Web Development

The web has changed a lot over the past 20 years or so. A good website is a must for any business. But there’s more to the online world than just desktop-ready websites. Responsive and mobile-friendly sites, mobile apps, specialized interactive learning and training modules – web technology is still growing at an amazing pace, and we can provide you with modern solutions for your business needs.

Website Design

We design and/or build websites for individuals starting up a new business as well as existing companies rebranding their web presence. This includes everything from content organization, graphic design, illustration, and user interface design, to technical functionality. Our sites include videos, interactive images, marketing and technical information, online training, and social media integration.

Site Maintenance

If you need regular or periodic updates to your site content – adding press releases or new product pages, updating photographs and videos, keeping an events page up to date, etc. – we can work on a retainer or hourly basis and be available on a timeframe that best suits you.

WordPress Consulting

If you currently have a WordPress site and are looking to update or modify it, we can help. We offer evaluation of your current site, problem solving of issues, and recommendations for adding functionality or design elements. We offer WordPress consulting on an hourly basis.

WordPress Development

WordPress is a very popular and robust web development tool that is being used by more and more individuals and companies. Everything from simple to complex web sites are possible, and more significantly, you are able to easily update regularly changing content on your site without having to come back to us.

Enhance your web presence with a modern, engaging website designed and developed by Creative Cat Media.

Hype Development

Tumult’s Hype has replaced Flash as the state-of-the-art development tool for creating HTML5-based websites, eBooks, and apps. It’s used to create rich interactive media that can include animations, audio, video, text, illustrations, graphics, and photos. We’ve been using Hype since 2011 and participate in the Beta programs for new versions of the software. Tumult-logo    

Responsive Design and Mobile-Friendly Design

It used to be acceptable to build one website in one size that users viewed on their desktop or laptop computer. But once tablets and smartphones came along, with their myriad of screen sizes, it became necessary to design and develop sites that were mobile-friendly and that “responded” to whatever screen dimensions the user had on their device. We design and build the layouts, navigation, font sizes, and content for your site so that it will be responsive and usable by your users no matter what screen size they view it on.

HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript

HTML5 is the latest generation of technology for creating not just web sites, but also web applications and mobile/tablet apps. These three technologies are primary building blocks for the user-facing side of the Internet. HTML5 is usually paired with CSS and JavaScript to provide highly interactive visual experiences for marketing, entertainment, and learning. We are experienced HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript developers, and we love to program!